brush polished marble

There are several effects that can be achieved in a stone restoration project, the most important of which are; cleanliness, finish, and preservation. All three of these work together for the desired longevity of the work product. Where any one is lacking there will be an effect. For instance if a floor is well cleaned but the finish has not been properly addressed the areas of the floor which have a duller finish will get dirty much quicker because the soils will more easily adhere to these dull patches.

All three of these aspects of stone restoration should be incorporated into every stone restoration protocol. This system is what makes Nu Life Stone Care a cut above the competition. It is very easy to make a floor look better if you are looking straight down at a small area, but the real test comes in looking at the entire floor at a 60 degree angle and seeing how it reflects the light. The finish must be consistent as well as the cleanliness and colour. At Nu Life Stone Care our mantra is “consistency is king” this is the primary goal of all our stone restoration projects.

Marble Floor Polishing

One of the main areas of expertise for Nu Life Stone Care is marble floor polishing, where we have the most experience in SE Queensland.

There are several ways to polish marble floors, but the different techniques will have a great effect on the longevity of the finish, and even the marble itself.

crystallization damaged marble

Like the process of “crystallization” for instance. This is a very popular marble floor polishing technique because it is so easy to do, the non professional can achieve a moderate level of success with little or no training. However, the durable “crust” that is formed on the surface due to the reaction with the marble and the folurosilicate acids will not allow the floor to breathe, and the acid residue is locked into the stone by the wax component in the polishing fluid. So, a desirable finish can be achieved, but the lack of moisture transmission or “breathability” can cause discolouration, etching (pictured), and decomposition.

When considering marble polishing service providers this is why it is so important to know how the proposed marble floor polishing will be done. Think of it, would you buy a flat screen TV without first doing a little of your own research? Based on the investment, it’s worth your time as quality can vary substantially.

flattened polished marble floor

Our marble floor polishing technique involves a process which will strengthen the stone by mineral densification and leave a completely pH neutral surface which will not rust or deteriorate when exposed to moisture vapours. This is the “old school” method and does take more skill but the results are well worth the effort. With proper marble floor polishing there are no short cuts.