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The team at Nu Life Stone Care are excited to be able to offer protection for your stone at a truly affordable price. It really is a Revolution!

Revolution 360 Stone is the latest and most technologically advanced stone, marble polishing, matte, quartzite, Caesarstone and engineered stone protection system available on the world market.

100% non toxic, FDA Approved food safe, stain proof, etch proof and environmentally friendly. This is why we are asking you to join the revolution. Revolution 360 stone is a step above the rest.

stone protection

Yes, there’s a warranty!

Revolution 360 Stone is available with a 15 year warranty on all marble polish and matte surfaces.

A 10 year warranty is provided with all quartz, caesarstone, quantum quartz and other engineered stone surfaces. This means we are able to restore your bench tops to looking at their best and give them a new lease of life. This means you can have stone restoration and protection rolled into one!

This technologically advanced breakthrough has been developed for stone by stone restoration professionals. Developing a permanent surface protection treatment for stone has been a triumph. Revolution 360 Stone prevents stains, water marking, etching & heat damage on your bench tops. Your stone can be used for years to come without fear of ruining the natural beauty. The warranty of 15 years on natural stone surfaces means you can choose natural stone with confidence again.

With an average cost of around $275m2 for a durable, easy-care natural stone surface. Revolution 360 is a cheaper option than comparable surfaces or treatments.

This service is winning on every level. We are able to perform our stone protection services with our unique, custom designed Revolutionary 360 System. Disruption within your home will be kept to a minimum and you’ll be amazed at the results. Our technicians are trained and certified to ensure quality results every time.

Contact us for more information, see how you can join The Revolution today.