Benchtop Sealing

Protect your kitchen benchtops by sealing your natural and engineered stone. At Nu Life Stone Care we specialise in sealing Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine and engineered stone benchtops.

Sealing preserves your existing or new stone benchtop. Nu Life Stone Care specialises in sealing Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Granite, and engineered stone benchtops.

Sealing is vital since stone absorbs materials and liquids in its naturally porous surface. Stone used in benchtops lets liquid through it just like what occurs naturally when the stone is on the ground.

Benefits Of Sealing Your Stone Benchtop

  • Keep your benchtop protected without modifying your stone’s look.
  • Reduce the use of powerful chemical cleaners.
  • Reduce absorption of stains making your benchtop easier to clean.

Nu Life Stone Care Benchtop Sealing Method

At Nu Life Stone Care we seal your stone benchtops with a high-grade impregnating sealer. This sealer will not change the appearance of the stone and is virtually 100% vapor transmittable. This means while sealing out the unwanted (water, oils and other potential stains) it will still allow the marble to breathe naturally. Moisture is the number one enemy of benchtop stone so it is of the highest importance to allow these vapors to escape.

Sealing Engineered Stone

Nu Life Stone Care has a powerful new sealer for reconstituted (engineered) stone benchtops (Quantum Quartz, Ceaserstone, TrendStone, EssaStone, Silestone, Smartstone, Stone Italiana). You can see scuff marks and smudges on these stones easily and several types can easily be etched. That’s why it is important that these stones are sealed. Further, UV exposure can break down engineered stones because of epoxy binders. Our engineered stone sealing product also acts as a sunscreen, filtering out the UV rays which cause deterioration via micro spalling.

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stone benchtops sealing sunshine coast
stone benchtops sealing sunshine coast