Chip & Crack Repairs

Benchtop Repairs

Nu Life Stone Care provide a number of repair services for your stone. Stone benchtops are a durable choice for your home. Over time they can be damaged and need repairing. Nu Life Stone Care are experts in stone repair and restoration. We use the latest technology and products to get the best outcome for your stone benchtop. We are the only company on the Sunshine Coast offering long term protection for engineered stone benchtops. 

Chipped Benchtops

Chips are a common accident that affect a benchtop’s edge on drawers, sinks, dishwashers, and stove tops. Chips can also impact the face of your stone following. accidental damage. Nu Life Stone Care fix the chips in your stone benchtops and make them blend in to the surrounding surface. You can use your stone with confidence, even when the worst does happen. 

Cracked Benchtops

Stone benchtops crack in the vulnerable spots of a piece of stone. Usually, this happens behind or in front of the counter top or sink. During a repair, the source is isolated. The stone is reinforced to provide longevity for the repair. The area is polished to ensure a seamless blend with the surrounding surface.

Scratched Benchtops

Any kind of stone is susceptible to scratches, including granite, marble, Caesar stone, and limestone. In the glossy reflection of the surface, they look like white lines. They are not terribly attractive and usually are caused accidentally.  Some of these scratches are simple to remove whereas others may be quite tricky. In most cases the situation can be improved. Contact us for more information about our repair services. Engineered stone surfaces are also susceptible to scratches with daily use, and our expertise will enable full restoration. 

Stained Benchtops

It is common to see stones damaged by citrus, red wine, and beetroot. This results in etching on natural stone surfaces. Water damage over time on vanities also impacts the surface of your stone. Nu Life Stone Care are able to repair and restore surfaces following damage or discolouration.

More Services from Nu Life Stone Care 

We can also offer a number of protection options for your stone once the repair has been completed. 

Contact Nu Life Stone Care on 0403 304 069 today to get a free quote to make your stone benchtop look new again.

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