Bathroom Sealing

Keep your stone bathroom surfaces clean and prevent the growth of mould with Nu Life Stone Care bathroom sealing.

Bathroom Sealing

We suggest having all stone showers sealed after cleaning. This will reduce mould growth and preserve the cleanliness of the surfaces.

Benefits of Sealing Stone Surfaces in Bathrooms

  • Seals the grouting to prevent dirt and liquids from staining them.
  • Seals the surface to prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating the stone.
  • Sealing will decrease the build-up of shower scum.
  • The stone surfaces will be easier to keep clean.
  • Mould growth in your shower will be minimised if not prevented. 

Nu Life Stone Care Bathroom Sealing Process

At Nu Life Stone Care we seal your bathroom surfaces with a high-grade impregnating sealer. This sealer will not change the appearance of the stone and is virtually 100% vapour transmittable. This means while sealing out the unwanted (water, oils and other potential stains) it will still allow the marble to breathe naturally. Moisture is the number one enemy of bathroom stone so it is of the highest importance to allow these vapours to escape.

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