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Engineered Stone Protection

At last, a stone protection system for quartz and engineered stone benchtops and surfaces!

The team at Nu Life Stone Care are the experts in stone protection techniques. As technology improves, we make it our mission to stay aware of products available and advances made. This enables us to provide you with the best options for your surfaces.

The focus on clean, hygienic surfaces has never been so important. The need to ensure your benchtops are in good condition will go a long way in busting those germs. Some cleaners are abrasive and damage your Engineered Stone, especially with prolonged use.

That’s just one way our quartz protection services can help. By protecting your surfaces with a uniform coating or ‘skin’ you have peace of mind.

What is Engineered Stone Protection?

Our unique quartz protection system is a film applied to your stone that reduces damage caused by everyday use. Using a skin on your benchtops will reduce the damage caused by everyday wear and tear and etching. Applying protection to your stone will dramatically reduce the risk of accidental damage. This means you can use your stone with confidence. Your stone will look good for longer. Be safe in the knowledge that your benchtops are covered.

Get more from your stone with anti-etch protection.

Find out more about skin protection and its application.

Tenant Protection

At last there is a cost effective solution to a well known and widely experienced problem. Using a skin on your benchtops can greatly protect against potential tenant damage.

Engineered benchtops are durable. However, as stone restoration experts, we receive numerous enquiries each week in relation to damaged quartz. This includes burns from caustic chemicals along with heat and knife damage to the surface. The difficulty in restoring Engineered Stone Benchtops results in very costly repairs that can run into thousands of dollars.

Benefits of stone protection

Using a surface protection solution will not only protect against all chemical damage, it is heat proof to 204 degrees celsius. This makes it a highly practical application in your kitchen.

There’s another little trick film protection has up its sleeve. With the application of a protective film, the overall factory gloss is improved, adding extra sparkle to every kitchen!

Whilst there are a number of products available on the market for natural stone materials, it is a true revolution that engineered stone now has an effective protection solution.

Let the skin take the damage so your stone doesn’t.

The Nu Life Stone Care team have extensive knowledge and experience within the industry. We are able to assist you in identifying the perfect solution for your stone restoration and protection requirements.

Nu Life Stone Care can say with honesty that this is an industry revolution. We are the only company on the Sunshine Coast that has the skills and knowledge to restore and protect your benchtops. This is the only service available on the market for Engineered Stone with these proven long lasting and effective results.

stone protection film and UV coatings

Yes, there’s a warranty!

Our stonemasons undergo extensive training to ensure the procedures used will provide outstanding results. All products supplied by Nu Life Stone Care come with a manufacturers warranty and we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. The staff are the best within the industry through their continuous professional development. Nu Life Stone Care offer our own warranty on work undertaken.

Contact us for more information about stone protection and our restoration services. As independent stonemasons we are able to offer you the product that is best for your stone.

F A Qs

Is this a UV Coating?

This is not a UV coating it is a film that is applied to the surface of your stone and does not require a UV light to cure it. This provides several advantages over resins and coatings. It is a quick application, whereas UV coatings can take up to 3 days to complete. The skin will not yellow under exposure to sunlight.

What preparation is needed?

Your stone is restored prior to application of the film.

This is not the case for UV coatings, where the stone is cut back to a 120 grit finish to enable the adhesion of the coating. If you have the UV coating, you will always need to have some form of protection for the duration of the stones lifetime. If you have opted for the protective film, the stone will remain in good condition and you will always have the option of removal if you so wish.

Does my stone need to be brand new?

No, as mentioned above, your stone can be restored before application.

Can this only be applied to natural stone benchtops?

No! In fact, our film protection is absolutely fantastic for engineered stone. It is highly recommended for the rental market, both holiday and domestic. Application of the film protects from caustic chemicals which can damage the surface of quartz. UV coatings are not currently available for engineered stone.

What happens when it’s at the end of its lifecycle?

Well there are a number of options! Film protection lasts for up to 10 years within a domestic setting, with regular wear and tear. At the end of this time you can simply remove the film. The stone will be in good condition beneath, or you can have a new film applied. Remember that UV coatings will need to be reapplied for the duration of the stone’s lifecycle.