Floor Polishing

Your stone floors make your home stand apart from the rest. Nu Life Stone Care floor polishing can make your natural stone look new again and brighten your home. Polishing your stone floors also makes them easier to clean.

Natural stone tiles create unique looks for different rooms in your home. This makes them an investment that deserves to be looked after. Nu Life Stone Care can totally refresh the stunning natural feel and look of your stone floor tiles and make them look like new.

The end result of the Nu Life Stone Care floor polishing process is a more durable floor which is more cost effective to maintain, and a shine that is deeper than the original finish created at the quarry. You will see added colour, increased clarity, and a crystal clear shine.

Benefits Of Polishing Your Stone Floors

  • Restores natural stone floors with their original polish.
  • Eliminates unattractive stains, etch marks, and scratches.
  • Floors are easier to clean.
  • Makes a room more vibrant with the like-new appearance of the natural stone.

Nu Life Stone Care Floor Polishing Method

Nu Life Stone Care uses modern Nano and diamond abrasive technology, a dustless grinding system, and polishing compounds to bring back a natural, smooth, glossy polish to your slate, marble, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, and travertine-tiled floors.

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