Floor Sealing

Nu Life Stone Care protects your natural stone floor tiles from permanent stains by sealing Slate, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, Sandstone and other stone surfaces. This keeps your stone looking amazing for longer. 

Sealing is an essential investment to preserve the longevity of existing or new stone floor tiles. Stone is naturally porous as it absorbs materials and liquids in the grout and stone’s surface. The structure of the stone permits liquids to be absorbed through the surface, which is a natural process.

Nu Life Stone Care protects your natural stone floor tiles from permanent stains by using the most technologically advanced sealers. Each stone is assessed for the product that will achieve the best results depending on its type and intended use. 

Benefits Of Sealing Your Stone Floors

  • Keeps your natural stone floor tiles protected from long-term stains.
  • Prolongs your stone tile floor’s lifespan.
  • Decreases the need to use chemical cleaners.

Nu Life Stone Care Floor Sealing Method

Nu Life Stone Care uses various unique penetrating sealers to keep your stone or marble surfaces protected. It is important that the correct sealer is used, and it should be durable.

Slate Sealing

Our process for sealing slates involves unique impregnating sealers that penetrate the surface and produce a natural finish. Our slate sealer also enhances colour, making all the gorgeous aspects of the stone stand out, while also letting the slate breathe and stay naturally slip-resistant.

Quartzite Sealing

Quartzite is quite porous and is a kind of stone we recommend you have sealed. The kind of quartzite sealer we use is ideal for extra porous stones and will offer optimal protection. There are colour enhancing sealers available that are used to accentuate the beauty of the stone. This will bring new life to quartzite stone surfaces.

Marble Sealing

A high-grade impregnating sealer is used to seal the marble. This allows the natural beauty of the stone to be seen. This type of sealer ensures unwanted liquids are kept out of the stone and allows the marble to naturally breathe. Moisture is architectural stone’s main enemy, so it’s vital to let these vapours escape.

Limestone Sealing

Anytime a stone receives a honed finish, the pores are exposed. Honed limestone needs an impregnating sealer of high quality.

Sandstone Sealing

Nu Life Stone Care has a special sandstone sealing method to properly cover all the elements it’s exposed to. Water is the most damaging element as it can bring salt into stone and produce an atmosphere that can decay the sandstone’s binders. These minerals can be replaced and the sandstone re-bound, but sometimes the process can be embedded into the stone that treatments can’t get to, and this could continue to happen over time. That said, our system delays the process which improves the appearance of your sandstone.

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