Nu Life Stone Care is the home of SlipStop Anti Slip Treatments on the Sunshine Coast. We are also able to offer a variety of services to care and restore your stone flooring. Are your stone floors looking or feeling dull, worn, stained or scratched? Restore your stone floors back to their original glory and protect your floors from future damage. Nu Life Stone Care clean, polish and seal all stone floor surfaces. Contact us to find out more about floor services.

Floor Cleaning

Dirty or stained natural stone tiles will look new again with Nu Life Stone Care floor cleaning. Our stone cleaning process consists of multiple steps ensuring your marble, slate, quartzite, limestone and other natural stone floors look beautiful again.

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Floor Polishing

Your stone floors make your home stand apart from the rest. Nu Life Stone Care floor polishing can make your natural stone look new again and brighten your home. After being polished your stone floor tiles will also be easier to keep clean.

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Floor Sealing

Nu Life Stone Care can protect your natural stone floor tiles from permanent stains by sealing Slate, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, Sandstone and other stone surfaces that need to be protected to keep their natural beauty.

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Nu Life Stone Care restoration services will make your stone benchtops look like new! Over time all stone surfaces can become damaged in some way. We can repair broken, cracked, chipped and stained benchtops using the latest technologies and techniques. We can protect your stone, keeping it looking its best for longer. Nu Life Stone Care are able to offer the latest in surface protection technology and restore your quartz and engineered stone to peak condition. Natural stone in your home is now a viable and practical option with the latest stone protection applications. You can enjoy the beauty of stone without fear of etching and water damage. 

Stone Protection Services

Nu Life Stone Care are excited to share stone protection options with the Sunshine Coast. Are your benchtops etching through every day use? Are you finding it difficult to clean your surfaces to their shine? Do you have tenants or a high turn over of people staying in your accomodation that put your benchtops at […]

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Chip & Crack Repairs

Stone benchtops might seem indestructible, but unfortunately they can be damaged and need repairing. Nu Life Stone Care is on top of the latest innovations in benchtop repairs. We use the current UV epoxies, glues and resins to get the best outcome for your stone benchtops.

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Benchtop Polishing

Are your kitchen benchtops stained, dull and dirty? Nu Life Stone Care can restore the original pristine of your stone benchtop with a professional polish. We can restore a natural, smooth glossy finish to your limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo, and travertine benchtops.

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Benchtop Sealing

Protect your kitchen benchtops by sealing your natural and engineered stone. At Nu Life Stone Care we specialise in sealing Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine and engineered stone benchtops. Sealing preserves your existing or new stone benchtop.

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Nu Life Stone Care can bring the shine back to your bathroom by restoring your stone floor and wall tiles and vanities. We can clean and polish your bathroom stone surfaces and seal the stone to help reduce mould growth. Stone protection is also available for vanity surfaces. For information about any of our services contact us at

Bathroom Polishing

Is your stone tile shower looking tired and mouldy? Are your bathroom floors worn out? Does your stone vanity look dull, stained or scratched? Nu Life Stone Care can restore your bathroom back to it’s shiny and luxurious glory.

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Bathroom Sealing

Keep your stone bathroom surfaces clean and prevent the growth of mould with Nu Life Stone Care bathroom sealing. Bathroom Sealing We suggest having all stone showers sealed after cleaning. This will reduce mould growth and preserve the cleanliness of the surfaces.

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