Floor Cleaning

Dirty or stained natural stone tiles will look new again with Nu Life Stone Care floor cleaning. Our stone cleaning process consists of multiple steps ensuring your marble, slate, quartzite, limestone and other natural stone floors look beautiful again.

Nu Life Stone Care floor stone tile cleaning can restore your stained or dirty natural stone tiles back to their original glory.

Nu Life Stone Care Floor Cleaning Method

Our stone tile cleaning process is comprised of several steps to make your natural stone floors look luxurious once again. To begin, we assess the floors and isolate any troublesome areas. We then use unique cleaning techniques for various kinds of natural stone floors.

Marble Cleaning

The first step involves cleaning marble is to remove all abrasive contaminants and dirt that can interrupt the restoration process. If required, grinding is also performed. The question of how much to grind is determined by the marble’s colour and age, scratch depth, acid etching and traffic wear. To produce a balanced sheen, the marble is honed to a high degree.

Slate Cleaning

We use a unique method to clean slate that gives the surface a completely new look. It is a proprietary resurfacing process that won’t eliminate the natural cleft finish. We can perform this on indoor and outdoor slate applications. We promise to outdo any slate cleaning processes used by our competitors.

Quartzite Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is used for our quartzite cleaning process since it eliminates the soils embedded from the coarse texture. We catch all the chemical effluent and dispose of it properly.  

Limestone Cleaning

For thorough cleaning of limestone and to restore it to its natural look, Nu Life Stone Care uses a proprietary cleaning method that preserves the finish.

Travertine Cleaning

Our travertine cleaning technique is similar to the one we use to clean limestone since the stone types are so similar. However, with regards to travertine cleaning, soils and grime can get clogged within the cavities, making it impossible to scrub away. As such, we use pressure cleaning equipment that is safe to use indoors.

Sandstone Cleaning

Our expertise includes internal and external sandstone cleaning, and both applications require different techniques. Outdoor sandstone cleaning involves the removal of all embedded biological stains (mildew, mould, lichens). Spores are initially destroyed, then purged using high powered equipment without damaging the garden, trees and surfaces surrounding it.

Pressure cleaning is still necessary for indoor sandstone cleaning. Embedded organic soiling is sucked out cleanly and without any over-spray. This will correctly neutralise the sandstone and prepare it for sealing.

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