Engineered Stone: What is it?

Engineered Stone is also referred to as Quartz by many companies. Quartz is a preferred term as it has a more natural sound. Ceaserstone, Stone Italiana, Smart Stone, and Quantum Quartz are a few of the brands available in Australia.

Engineered quartz slabs are, for the most part, manufactured the same. They are created using production line equipment. The Breton system or another closely modelled after this system. The ingredients are blended dry; approximately 93% crushed dry stone material and 7% dry polyester epoxy resin and dyes. After selection they go through the steps of mixing, blending, homogenising and moulding. These slabs are compressed with 100 tonnes of pressure and cured at a temperature of 90C for 30 minutes. Finally, there is a stringent regime of quality control to ensure the consistency in finish and colour. This is vitally important as this is the main selling point with engineered stone.

If you would like to learn more about manufacturing you can watch the entire process here.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Stone is an attractive option for many customers. The cost when compared with natural stone is a fabulous selling point. There are also natural stone ‘looks’ available within the quartz ranges.

The durability of quartz is equally appealing. Engineered stone can be easily cleaned. This is a practical option in homes and rental properties. Engineered stone provides a feel of luxury as a Benchtop surface. Quartz does not etch or stain when in contact with every day items like red wine, beetroot and lemon juice. This is a major advantage when compared with natural stones. 

Quartz and Engineered Stone

Problems with Engineered Stone

Whilst we adore quartz here at Nu Life Stone Care, there are some things that need to be considered. 

Quartz is susceptible to UV damage overtime. For this reason natural stone is recommended for all light exposed external areas. Within your kitchen and home environment this damage is not always visible. It becomes apparent when a repair is required. The process of repairing the quartz will restore to its original colour. Previously this would have led to mismatched stone. 

New technology and processes mean that UV damaged can be restored without the need for replacement.

Engineered stone is damaged by heat, when hot pans are placed direct to the surface. Discolouration of the Benchtop also occurs when exposed to harsh chemicals, including oven cleaner. Stone restoration experts are able to provide effective solutions to these frequent problems. 

Stone Protection

Advances in stone repair mean that this is not the end of your countertops. Nu Life Stone Care provide repairs to surface damage for quartz benchtops. They can even go one step further. Long term solutions are now available for your benchtops. Stone protection is now available for engineered stone and natural stone. 

We have the solution to your engineered stone surfaces. 

Protecting your stone keeps benchtops at their best within your home. For landlords and investors with holiday lets, this is the perfect way to protect your investment. Stone protection reduces the risk of costly repairs that are the result of everyday wear and tear.  

For more information about stone protection and your options visit our blog.

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