What is Stone Protection?

The team at Nu Life Stone Care get very excited about stone protection. These are films, or ‘skins’ and UV coatings that cover the surface of your stone.

Engineered Stone, or quartz benchtops have historically been perceived as durable and practical options for kitchens. Whilst this is certainly true, the engineered benchtops do suffer from damage in the same way natural stone is susceptible to damage. Caustic chemicals are the biggest culprits, although benchtops are also damaged in the day to day use of a kitchen from knifes, staining, etching and heat amongst other things.

engineered stone protection
White lily flowers on contemporary kitchen island bench

Natural stone is beautiful and undoubtedly the star of the kitchen, however it can have drawbacks. Marble is a porous stone that is susceptible to staining. You may have also noticed that marble etches when acids are used on the surface, including every day citric acid from lemon and limes. Historically this has prevented marble from being the stone of choice in kitchens, even though it really is a stunning stone. Water can be equally as damaging in the bathroom when marble is the stone of choice.

That’s why stone protection is so important. Stone protection is currently available in a number of formats. Traditionally, sealers are used to prevent the stone from absorbing water and oils that can alter the appearance. Whilst this option does provide some benefits, it is not an effective barrier that prevents etching. Sealers were also not a viable option for engineered stone surfaces.

How we can help.

Natural stone is now back on the agenda.

There’s more! Engineered stone can be protected. This is an industry first.

We can ensure your quartz benchtops are fully restored before protection is applied. This includes repair of UV damage.

For natural stone, there are two options available for protection. A skin can be applied to preserve the integrity of your benchtops. UV coatings are also available, depending on the stone type, to form a tactile and durable surface that will be the showcase of your home.

For us, this is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we want our customers to be able to use their stone with confidence. If you spill your red wine on your marble, we don’t want there to be tears. If you have invested in your tenants kitchen, then we want to protect your investment. Secondly, by keeping stone in your home for longer, we are sharing our part of the responsibility. The Quartz manufacturing industry has recently been shocked to the core about the effects of Silicosis. With the recent rise in identified cases in Australia it’s more important than ever to protect health and manage resources.

This makes protecting your stone our priority.

UV Coating stone protection
Black Marble Fully Restored and Protected.

There are a number of products available on the market, and we can confidently say we are the experts in stone protection. One option currently available in stone protection is a physical film coating that is adhered to the surface of your stone. Other options include a variety of chemical applications that form a hard ‘set’ barrier on the surface of your stone and are most often set with a UV light.

What the experts say…

Our stonemason’s have monitored, tested and worked alongside the development of stone protection coatings for a number of years. For us, the aim is to make stone protection affordable, safe and long lasting within your home, restaurant or investment. That’s why we will only use the product that is best for the customer. We want to offer you the latest in world wide stone protection technology. We will only engage in workplace practices that are safe for our staff and your family. That means we care about the environment we work in and the sustainability of the products we use. Our staff will limit disruption to your household. We will employ safe working systems that limit dust and noise. Be rest assured that we only use products that have a warranty and with a traceable accountability to ensure your peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about stone protection, drop us an email at info@nulifestonecare.com.au or give Andy a call on 0403 304 069.