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Marble Shield Pro: Next Generation Marble Sealer

At Nu Life Stone Care, we are excited to introduce Marble Shield Pro. This product provides market leading marble protection to Australia.

We have specialised in natural stone restoration for over 23 years, and are proud to be able to offer this innovative solution to help prevent damage to your marble bench tops.

This solution is a hard wearing and invisible coating that prevents the toughest stains and caustic chemicals from coming in contact with your marble bench top. With Marble Shield Pro, you can enjoy your marble without having to worry about it becoming stained or etched.

Why Marble Shield Pro.?

Marble Shield pro is a cost effective way to permanently protect your Bench-tops and have them looking new for longer.

 Acidic substances like vinegar, wine, and cola can cause unsightly marks on acid-sensitive surfaces like marble. The marks that acids leave behind are permanantly etched into the surface and need to be polished out using diamond tooling, this process can be expensive and although it will look new when finished, the repair does not protect against future etching.


If you would like to talk to us about Marble Shield Pro. contact our friendly and professional staff on 0403 304 069 or email